Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brainy Trainee: A Human Performance Game for Android Devices

Dear all,

We have to admit it! We all know that we've got rusty brains that need some lubricants to operate as expected. Your memory has been weak and your concentration has gone. What brings these back to you is the PRACTICE. So let me introduce to you my brain workout game for Android devices.

Well, your brain's lubricant for today is a game that I have developed some days ago. Guess what! It's not only a fun game, it's also a game that improves your performance by time. With joy you learn.

Its name is "Brainy Trainee". It is in a form of amusing tests that give you a measurement of your performance percentage. You got to challenge yourself to get a higher score.

Check out the following video:


The current supported tests are:
  1. Attention or perception test: Your task here is to find out where the last black circle has lastly been. The following image shows a shot of this test. The green grid gets larger while you advance. The black circle randomly positions itself on a grid rectangle and quickly changes its position to another rectangle and this keeps looping until it lastly disappears. You need to discover where its last position was. This improves your concentration. The flashing speed of the circle depends on what level you are.
  2. Memory 1 test: This fun test strengthens your memory by memorizing the order which the circles appear with. Circles appear one after another. Your score depends on the number of correct circles touched.
  3. Reaction test: This test measures the speed of your reaction. You've gotta be so fast by touching the circle once it appears. Some marks are deducted depending on the amount of delay in touching the emerging circles.
  4. Memory 2 test: This is the most beautiful test among these 5 tests. Every circle has a unique number inside it. The numbers are shown for a short amount of time and you have to remember the numbers from small to big. After they disappear, you need to touch the circles which contained the smaller number first. In this photo, the touch sequence is to be 0-1-6-7-9.
  5. Accuracy test: By accuracy, I mean your finger touch accuracy. Here there are some shapes shown on the screen and all you need to do is to know and touch the center of each shape. You have to be highly accurate to predict the center point. If you touch away from the center, marks will be reduced depending on how far you touch from the center.
These are the 5 fun tests, you will discover how fun they are once you try them out.

For each game, there are 6 levels where Level 1 is the easiest and Level 6 is the hardest. You need to challenge yourself to score 100% in each level.

When one level finishes, either one of the following dialogues appear depending on the theme used:
  • Next Level: Allows you to go to the level after the played one. If you were already playing the last level, a warning note appears.
  • Next Game: This option shifts you to the game after the one you are playing with. The game sequence is as follows: Perception-Memory 1- Reaction-Memory 2- Accuracy.
  • Play Again: You simply repeats the current game.
This dialog allows you to share your current score with your friends in almost all social networks using the share button at the right top.

Pressing the action button will show an options menu. You may select "Settings" to change the theme and the game language.

This game supports a wide range of Android versions starting from 2.3 to Kit Kat. It also supports wide screen devices and tablets and the following is two photos of the game taken from tablets:

That's all about my game, I hope you enjoy playing it. You may contact me via email moa29000@gmail.com if there is any matter.

Download it from the Google Play store through this LINK.


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