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UnitBullet Converter

This is my unit converter app which I've recently developed for Android systems. It supports a wide varietyof measurements with many units. The design is elegant and the results can be spoken out by manually clicking a "speak" button or automatically when the result changes! This is a feature that adds value and significance to this app as it relieves the burden of frequently looking at the screen to write down the results.

This page is a documentation of this app and the way how you may use it. You may download the app from here.

User Interface Details

The first screen that shows up when you start the app is:

This window contains the following:
  1. A list of measurement categories: which is a list of all of the supported measurement types like angle, area and distance measurements.
  2. A list of units from which conversion is to be performed like centimeters, feet and inches in the distance and length category.
  3. A list of units to which conversion is to be made and this list is same as the one from which conversion is to be made.
  4. A swap button: it is used to exchange between the units to and from which conversion is made. If the current unit from which you need to convert is Celsius and to which you want the result is Fahrenheit, then, after pressing this swap button, the "from" unit becomes Fahrenheit and the "To" unit becomes Celsius.
  5. An input text box where the input measurement is entered for conversion.
  6. A result text box, highlighted in yellow, which is the result obtained after the conversion is performed.
  7. Play button: used to listen to the result value.
  8. SI Prefixes button: pressing this button will show a list of all the 20 SI prefixes and the multipliers associate with them.
  9. Keypad: this contains the keys that are imported for you to enter the desired values in the input text box.

Measurement Categories:

In this version the following 13 categories are available:
  1. angle
  2. area
  3. distance/Length
  4. energy
  5. force
  6. magnetism
  7. mass/weight
  8. power
  9. pressure
  10. speed/velocity
  11. temperature
  12. time
  13. volume

  • Angle:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Degree 
  2. Gradian
  3. mil
  4. Radian 
  5. Turn

  • Area:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Acre (UK) 
  2. Acre (US) 
  3. Are 
  4. Hectare 
  5. Morgen 
  6. Square angstrom 
  7. Square centimeter 
  8. Square foot 
  9. Square inch 
  10. Square kilometer 
  11. Square light-year 
  12. Square meter 
  13. Square mile 
  14. Square millimeter 
  15. Square nautical mile 
  16. Square pica 
  17. Square yard 

  • Distance/Length:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Angstrom 
  2. Centimeter 
  3. Cubit 
  4. Decimeter 
  5. Ell 
  6. Fathom 
  7. Foot 
  8. Inch 
  9. Kilometer 
  10. Krypton wavelength 
  11. League 
  12. Light-year 
  13. Meter 
  14. Micron (micrometer) 
  15. Mil (thousandth of an inch) 
  16. Millimeter 
  17. Nanometer 
  18. Nautical mile 
  19. Parsec 
  20. Pica (1/6 inch) 
  21. Pica (1/72 inch) 
  22. Statute mile 
  23. Yard 

  • Energy:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. British thermal unit BTU 
  2. Calorie 
  3. Electron volt 
  4. Ergon 
  5. Foot-pound 
  6. Horsepower-hour 
  7. IT calorie 
  8. Joule 
  9. Kilocalorie 
  10. Kilojoule 
  11. Kilowatt hour 
  12. Megajoule 
  13. Millijoule 
  14. Watt-hour 

  • Force:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Newton 
  2. Dyne 
  3. Pound force 
  4. Pond 
  5. Kilonewton 

  • Magnetism:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Gauss 
  2. Millitesla 
  3. Tesla 

  • Mass/Weight:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Atomic mass unit (AMU) 
  2. Carat 
  3. Grain 
  4. Gram 
  5. Hundredweight (UK) 
  6. Hundredweight (US) 
  7. Kilogram 
  8. Megagram 
  9. Micrograms 
  10. Milligram 
  11. Ounce oz 
  12. Pound 
  13. Slug 
  14. Stone 
  15. Ton (UK) 
  16. Ton (US) 

  • Power:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Horsepower 
  2. Kilowatt 
  3. Megawatt 
  4. Milliwatt 
  5. Pferdestärke 
  6. Watt 

  • Pressure:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Atmosphere 
  2. Bar 
  3. Centimeter of Mercury (cmHg) 
  4. Centimeter of water (cm H2O) 
  5. Gigapascal 
  6. Inches of Mercury (inHG) 
  7. Inches of water (in H2O) 
  8. Kilopascal 
  9. ksi (Kilopound/square inch) 
  10. Megapascal 
  11. Millibar 
  12. Millimeter of Mercury (mmHg) 
  13. Millipascal 
  14. Pascal 
  15. psi (Pound/square inch) 
  16. Torr 

  • Speed:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Foot/hour 
  2. Foot/minute 
  3. Foot/second 
  4. Kilometer/hour 
  5. Kilometer/minute 
  6. Kilometer/second 
  7. Knot 
  8. Meter/hour 
  9. Meter/minute 
  10. Meter/second 
  11. Mile/hour 
  12. Mile/minute 
  13. Mile/second 

  • Temperature:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Celsius 
  2. Delisle 
  3. Fahrenheit 
  4. Kelvin 
  5. Newton 
  6. Rankine 
  7. Réaumur 
  8. Rømer 

  • Time:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Century 
  2. Day 
  3. Decade 
  4. Hour 
  5. Microsecond 
  6. Millisecond 
  7. Minute 
  8. Month 
  9. Nanosecond 
  10. Second 
  11. Week 
  12. Year 

  • Volume:

The following units are available in this category:
  1. Bushel (US) 
  2. Cubic angstrom 
  3. Cubic centimeter 
  4. Cubic feet 
  5. Cubic inch 
  6. Cubic light-year 
  7. Cubic meter 
  8. Cubic Mile 
  9. Cubic millimeter 
  10. Cubic nautical mile 
  11. Cubic Pica 
  12. Cubic yard 
  13. Cup 
  14. Fluid ounce 
  15. Gallon 
  16. Gallon (UK) 
  17. Gross Registered Ton 
  18. Liter 
  19. Measurement ton (freight ton) 
  20. Milliliter 
  21. Modern teaspoon 
  22. Oil barrel (US) 
  23. Pint (UK) 
  24. Pint (US) 
  25. Quart 
  26. Quart (UK) 
  27. Tablespoon 
  28. Teaspoon 

SI Prefixes:

When clicking the SI button, the following screen is shown up:
The user can scroll down and up to navigate all of the SI prefixes and the multipliers associated with them. This is sometimes imported to view while using the app for your reference.

The following 20 SI prefixes are listed:
  1. yotta 
  2. zetta 
  3. exa 
  4. peta 
  5. tera 
  6. giga 
  7. mega 
  8. kilo 
  9. hecto 
  10. dekao 
  11. deci 
  12. centi 
  13. milli 
  14. micro 
  15. nano 
  16. pico 
  17. femto 
  18. atto 
  19. zepto 
  20. yocto 

User Preferences:

When the user presses the action button on the smartphone, an option menu appears with 2 options: "Exit" to finish the app and "Preferences" for some user settings.

  • Preferences:
The following window appears when the user clicks on this preferences option:
Here, you can select the number of decimal places with which the result conversion is displayed. There are 16 decimal places supported. The default option is the auto one. You can also turn the auto speaking on and off. When auto narration is on, the result is spoken out each time the result changes. The narration is very important to easily write down results without looking at the screen so frequently!

I hope you spend your time on this app with fun.
I'm looking forward to adding many more units,  custom themes and extra features.
I would love it to have your feedback by sending me an email at
You may download it from the Play store: click here.


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